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Values Education

  The Core Values of Roseworth Primary School  


An important series of self reflection testing has been undertaken at Roseworth Primary School is the form of a Values Profiling Survey.  This testing was undertaken to determine the strengths and weakness of our school population as measured against the Values in the Curriculum Framework. 

 These are: 

  • A pursuit of knowledge and a commitment to achievement of potential
  • Self acceptance and respect of self    
  • Respect and concern for others and their rights    
  • Social and civic responsibility
  • Environmental responsibility  

The testing highlighted that our students require additional assistance to develop their skills in social and civic responsibilities, in the pursuit of knowledge and in their commitment to achievement of potential.  To address these focus areas, the school has implemented a whole school values program based on the You Can Do It program.  This initiative promotes the development of confidence (academic, social,) persistence organisation, getting along, and, resilience amongst our students.   

Each classroom teacher undertakes planned Values lessons during their teaching in which they explicitly teach the above skills.  Integration of Values Education throughout the entire curriculum is implemented and special activities and rewards are offered to reinforce the messages taught.  Whole-school activities are also undertaken to enable our students to work together to solve problems, promote teamwork and enjoy the opportunity to share successes with their peers.  

Each year we hold a ‘Values Day’ to reinforce the messages that we teach in our classrooms and playground.  Students are divided into small groups to work together throughout the day and practice our whole school values focus areas.  Activities such as problem-solving construction tasks, skipping and sporting games, creative dance and movement activities fill the day.

Values Education is a very important faet of our school’s culture and leads to the creation of a safe and friendly school environment for our staff, parents and students.