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 Roseworth Mobile Phone Policy


Mobile phones have become an invaluable part of our modern lifestyle. The school understands there are times when possession of a mobile phone can provide a sense of safety and security for students while travelling to and from school, as well as enabling urgent calls or contact for parents. Given the primary school setting we consider their use in this context. There are current concerns about the use of SMS to bully others and all students should be able to come to school feeling safe and secure.  In brief, the Roseworth Primary School Policy is that students may bring mobile phones to school but the phone is to handed in to front office as soon as the child arrives at school and must be collected when the child leaves at the end of the day. Any phone call a child needs to make during the school day must be done through the administration staff.

Policy Statement


The purpose of this policy is to:

  • ensure that mobile phone usage does not disrupt the learning environment or impact negatively on any student at the school
  • clarify the responsibilities of staff, students and parents with regard to mobile phones.


  • Students should not bring valuable items to school as they can be easily lost or stolen, which is often distressful for a primary age child.
  • If a mobile phone is required for reasons of safety or urgency, the child must deliver the phone to the office for safe keeping and collect it in the afternoon.
  • Students bring mobile phones to school at their own risk and such items are not covered under the school’s insurance.
  • Students found not to be complying with the above will have the phone confiscated, their parents contacted and arrangements made for the phone to be collected.
  • It has always been the school’s practice to pass on important messages to students throughout the day. This can be done by phoning the office and requesting that a  message be given to the child.
  • No student mobile phones are to be taken on excursions.
  • Any student found using a mobile phone in an inappropriate manner, bullying, harassing or intimidating another student, will have the phone confiscated and returned to the parent. The student would also be subject to the appropriate discipline code.


This policy will be reviewed as required and in accordance to Department of Education policy guidelines.