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Student Leaders 2016

At Roseworth Primary School we have a group of students who are elected by their peers to represent all students in the school and take on leadership responsibilities.  Each year all students from Year 6 are eligible to nominate for the role of student leader and they write and present a speech to the school outlining their commitment to the student leadership role.  A voting system involving students from years four to seven and staff is undertaken, resulting in the election of six representatives. Student Leaders representing the Roseworth Education Support Centre will hold the position for one term.

We ask that our student leaders demonstrate at all times:

  • a willingness to be involved in all school activities;
  • positive leadership skills and act as a role model for other students;
  • a high degree of initiative and responsibility;
  • honesty, reliability and respect for others;
  • a willingness to work hard and make up for time out of class;
  • a high level of attendance and punctuality;
  • appropriate behaviour when engaging in all school activities;
  • the wearing of the school uniform during all school activities; and
  • a willingness to complete assigned jobs in a responsible manner.

 Congratulations to the students below who are our 2016 student leaders.

Khia Moluk Riley

Jason Kyle