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Shawford Lodge Performance

The music program at Roseworth Primary School has always included opportunities for our students to perform for members of the wider community. A concert for the aged-care community of Shawford Lodge in Innaloo was a great way for a group of our students to perform in front of an audience and in doing so brighten up the day for this lovely group of aged citizens.  This year, W7 was the group of students who performed.   The Shawford Lodge concert was such a positive experience with W7 singing well known songs which allowed the residents in the audience to sing along and really enjoy themselves.

The W7 students made us very proud as they encouraged the residents to join in especially with such songs as 'Daisy,Daisy’ and ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’.

Well done to the W7 for their wonderful singing and to Mrs Weldon and Mrs Mazurek for preparing W7 for the Shawford Lodge performance.

Please click on the image to view photographs of W7's Shawford Lodge performance.