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Maths at Roseworth

Mathematics is a subject that all children need to begin learning early in life. Having even the basics of math skills will allow your child to solve real-life problems. Using maths, children learn to reason and to connect ideas logically. Mathematics utilises a universal language that is shared all over the world.  We regularly use mathemtaics in our everyday lives. When we shop, we compare prices of food and the other things we like to buy when we are shopping.  In cooking, we use our mathematical skills to modify a recipe.   When we want to make a large purchase, we calculate how much we need to save or budget monthly for in order to do so. Children even use their mathematical skills every day and there are many fun ways that we can teach maths so that our students remember the skills they have learned.  Have a look at the ways that maths is being taught at Roseworth Primary School.  There is a lot of fun and learning going on all over the school! 

Please click on the image to view photographs of our Maths program.