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The Roseworth Choir

The Roseworth Primary School Choir has become a real highlight of our school's specialist music program.  Places in the school choir are offered to students in years six and seven.  The choir meets once per week to learn the very important and challenging skill of choral singing.  To become a member of the Roseworth choir, our students must be committed to learning new songs, to face the challenge of learning two and three part harmonies and showing a love for and enjoyment of singing.  It is a special honour to be in the Roseworth choir which has become renowned over many years now for producing a lovely sound and being a well drilled and enthusiastic performance choir. 

Each year our choir performs at the Children Sing Festival, held at the University of Western Australia.  This is a choral singing festival for schools that provides the choir with an opportunity to be judged by professional adjudicators. These are well attended events with members of the public in the audience as well as choirs from other schools.

Each choir at the Children Sing Festival performs two songs to be adjudicated by the judges and get valuable feedback on the quality of sound, the attention given to the conductor and how the choir performs their chosen songs as compared to the original sheet music.  The musical score to each song is given to the judging panel and they are then able to hear and see how well the choir has interpreted the music, lyrics and tone of the song.  How the choir actually performs as a choir is also judged.  Good choirs are always very attentive to their conductor, look and sound great and entertain the audience with a strong performance as a team.   

The videos linked to this page are examples of the rehearsal sessions that the choir does in readiness for public performances. Click on the image below to view videos of the Roseworth Primary School Choir as they rehearse songs for the Children Sing Festival.  The two songs that will be sung at the Children Sing Festival are “Why We Sing” and “Any Dream Will Do”.  The other two songs are being sung in readiness for our annual NAIDOC Assembly.


To listen to the Roseworth Choir singing their Children Sing Festival Songs, please use audio players on The Music Program page on our website.   Click on the links below to look at photos of the Roseworth Choir waiting the do their performance or to read the Adjudicator's Report.