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Balloons for Shyla O'Donoghue

Roseworth Primary School began the year with the very sad news that Shyla O'Donoghue passed away at the age of four years and ten months on Monday 28th January, 2013. Shyla was a Kindergarten student of our school and a lovely member of our school community. Shyla’s illness progressed very quickly and unfortunately she passed away after undergoing a long series of treatments throughout 2012 and early 2013.

Shyla was a beautiful little girl who bravely battled a rare form of infantile cancer. Our students and staff were pleased to be able to support her parents Tammie and Paul and her siblings Ericha, Kye and Olliver to celebrate Shyla’s life by releasing balloons together as a school community.

The administration and staff of Roseworth Primary School and Education Support Centre invited all students and parents to participate in a symbolic ceremony on the school oval to remember Shyla. Together as a school we released over 500 balloons as we said goodbye to Shyla as a school community.

The ceremony was held at 9:30 am Thursday 16th February on our school oval and we were thrilled to so many parents come to school and share in this event.

This was a very sad time for our school and for the O’Donoghue family and we feel proud to have played a part in Shyla’s short but inspirational life.

Please click on the image to view photographs of the balloon release ceremony.