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Professor Maths and Maths Quiz

On Thursday 8th and Friday 9th of August 2013, Roseworth Primary School invited Professor Maths to our school to work with all of our students on some problem solving Maths activities. Maths is a focus area of our school and this was a good way for the whole school to celebrate Numeracy Week at Roseworth.

The Maths activities not only require students to use their problem solving skills but also teach students social skills, how to listen, to follow directions, to take turns, to cooperate, communicate and to plan ahead.

The undercover area was turned into a classroom and problem solving games were positioned so that students moved in groups from one activity to another. Many of the activities were based on well-known and tested games, dating back centuries.

All students from Kindergarten to Year Seven were placed in groups of four and five and throughout the two day Professor Maths sessions, had a great time solving problems and using their Maths brains.

Students also were given the challenge of solving maths quiz questions which were placed around the school.  Congratulations to all of the quiz winners.

More information on Mathematics can be found on our the Roseworth website by clicking on the following link. School Information/Curriculum/Mathematics

Please click on the images to view photographs of the Professor Maths and Maths Quiz activities.