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PICA Spark_Lab  -  Roseworth Primary School Artist in Residence Program

In partnership with ECU, The Fogarty Foundation, Rio Tinto and The Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, (PICA)  2012 was the year of the Artist in Residence Program.  This was a part of the Spark_Lab program which supported our school with a range of opportunities to develop the artistic talents of our students and staff.

A major feature of the Artist in Residence Program was to develop a series of displays to go on exhibition at PICA.  Our aim was to have every child in the school contribute to the exhibition.  We chose paper-clay as our medium and in doing so developed a display that had the finger imprints of every child and staff member in the school.  Each participant rolled a ball of clay and when perfectly round, crossed hands with a partner on each side and pushed their fingers into the clay.  The result was an exhibition which represented the joining of hands of our whole school community.   What a great way to celebrate our school getting along and sharing both culture and friendship. Each class also developed works of art using clay including colourful tiles, mystical animals and stunning totems, all on display at PICA for the public to see. 

A unique opportunity was then presented to the Roseworth Primary School Choir when it was invited to sing at the opening of the Spark_Lab Artist in Residence  exhibition at PICA.   Not only was this a great honour anyway but to have the opportunity to sing back-up to the fabulous Gina Williams was an absolute bonus.  Gina Williams is a Balladong Noongar woman who has become an award winning singer throughout Australia.  She has written a beautiful ‘Welcome’ song called Wanjoo which our choir loves to sing.  Together the choir and Gina performed a very moving version of this song and Gina could not believe how wonderful the choir was and how beautifully they sang her song.  She was so taken with the choir she sang a number of other songs with them during the night.  This was a magnificent experience for our choir and school.

 Please click on the image to view photographs of the Choir and the Art Exhibition at PICA.