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Spark_Lab Artist in Residence Workshops

During 2012, The Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA) worked with Roseworth Primary School staff and students through its specially tailored Spark_Lab program. The aim of this program was to foster a lifelong interest in the arts amongst students by introducing them to the exciting world of contemporary art through creative and engaging activities.

A whole-of-school Artist in Residency project was undertaken at Roseworth which was structured around our school’s kiln facilities. Spark_Lab engaged ceramic artists Gill Treichel, Jessie Mitchell, Graham Hay and Anneke de Rooij to work with the entire school population from the 0-3 playgroup to Year 7.

The Roseworth Primary School Spark_Lab Residency program created a vast array of creative projects that explored ideas of culture, identity and place through a child's eye. Student works included totem poles, sculptural creatures and works featuring etching techniques.

All of the artworks created during the residency program were exhibited at PICA from November 30 to December 16 2012 and this exhibition was an outstanding success.  What an unbelievable effort from all of the staff and students of our school this exhibition was.  Sincere thanks to Tara Daniel, Education Program Manager for PICA and the talented artists who supported our school throughout this project.

Please enjoy looking at the photos of the Spark_Lab Artist in Residence workshops held at Roseworth Primary School during 2012.

Please click on the image to view photographs of the Spark_Lab Artist in Residence workshops.